RCRIM: Regulated Clinical Research and Information Management

• CDISC – HL7: formal relationship established 2001 and formed Clinical Trials Special Interest Group (CT-SIG)

• FDA joined HL7 as Benefactor and joined CT-SIG

• CT-SIG was elevated to a Technical Committee within HL7, named Regulated Clinical Research and Information Management (RCRIM)

• Developed Mission and Project List

• Initial attempts to map ODM to RIM failed

• CDISC decided to focus on LAB standard harmonization –development of HL7 implementation of CDISC LAB model

• BRIDG (Clinical Research Domain Analysis model) initiated in late 2003 by CDISC Board

• January 2005 – HL7 RCRIM adopted BRIDG as their domain analysis model

• February 2005 – CDISC ODM successfully mapped to HL7 RIM

RIM: Reference Information Model

An information model used as the ultimate defining reference for all HL7 standards

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