Best Women’s Cashmere Scarf for a Gift

If you’re looking for a great holiday gift to give to the person who has everything – or to the person just starting out – then consider a quality scarf. They’re an easy gift that pleases almost everyone. No need to worry about fit either – simply choose the style and let your loved one decide just how to wear it. In a climate like ours, a scarf can be useful from October to May, and is essential for those colder months of winter.

There are several great choices out there, but not all scarves are created equal, so we’ve chosen a winner option, and included a few runners up for choice and to account for personal taste – both yours and the one you’re planning to give it to.

Best Women’s Cashmere Scarf for a Gift

There are lots of options out there, but we sifted through them all and came out with some strong favourites. We’re sure you’ll like them as much as we did – and so will the person you give one to. Learn more about cashmere scarves at here.

1. Paloma Wool Gianna Scarf

Barcelona brand Paloma Wool is known for being cosy and comfortable, and for a stylish pastel colour palette. The top sellers are mostly thick-gauge, chunky styles that look warm and abundant, but are soft and pleasant against the skin. Some of these brands well out early in the season, well before the weather justifies wearing them, and so you’ll want to make sure you get yours before the shelves clear out and you’re left sifting through lesser choices.

These scarves are high-quality items, but not over-the-top when it comes to price point – they’ll run you less than £90 in most cases. They come in a variety of colours, mostly drawing from a muted palette which comes across as a luxurious and understated piece, easily-spotted by a discerning eye.

2. Paloma Lua Scarf

A similar item at the top of the list was this Lua scarf, also from Paloma Wool. It packs a bit more pop with its bolder, two-tone design, and comes in at a slightly lower price point.


Of the other favourites, it soon became clear that black and white scarves are the dominant players, both with regard to logo-centric designs and to prints. The best part of choosing a black and white scarf is that it removes the need to choose a colour that suits a certain coat or wardrobe – black and white go with anything, so scarves of this type are among the most versatile and wearable available.

3. Destin Cashcot Cotton-Cashmere Scarf

This bandana-print offering from Italian brand Destin is considered ‘on-trend’ for the coming winter season. It ticks all the boxes for a giftable scarf, combining comfort, style, neutral colouring and a top brand name… something to fulfil everyone’s must-have list.

4. Le Scarf No.1

These up-and-coming fashion accessories are also heavily black-and-white dominant, and have a longer wearable season, as they can be worn on cooler summer nights as well, without becoming stifling or too warm. Though the Le Scarf brand is not a major player, some experts believe they are poised to take a significant stride ahead in that department. With the combination of French style and an understated appeal, they are sure to suit a wide number of people from even a discerning market.

A tip to be up on the trend? When not wearing it, tie it to a handbag to keep it on display and ready for action if the evening cools down.

5. HK Beachwear Carré Bauhaus Muse

HK Beachwear’s silk square scarf come in two sizes and in either peach or a choice of two black and white prints reminiscent of Bauhaus. Like the previous item, they can be worn in a variety of ways, on the neck, in the hair, or even as a sarong. Want to keep it handy when not worn? Try the handbag trick, attaching it high on the strap for a wispy trail behind your shoulder.

6. Silky Striped Scarf

Similar to Le Scarf neckerchiefs, but at a lower price point, this black and white silk option is an excellent choice for the budget-conscious shopper.

7. Cashmere Colorblock Neckerchief

Finally, this black and white scarf in beautifully-soft cashmere is an excellent choice for use during the colder months of the year. Luxury in the midst of heavy weather.

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